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Elkhart Pharmacy and Equine Custom Compounding was founded by our pharmacist, Charles H. Stanton, who has been a pharmacist for over 25 years and a Quarter Horse and Paint Horse owner and breeder for almost 10 years... Charles and his staff have received extensive training in compounding techniques and have a large support network to keep up to date on all veterinary compounding needs...  Preparation of these specialized products requires chemicals and equiptment that is not available in most pharmacies.  Plus, being a horse owner himself really gives our pharmacist an inside knowledge to dispensing problems and client compliance.
We help veterinarians and animal specialist resolve medical problems by providing specially compounded medicines to meet the unique needs of equines and other animals as well. Veterinarians need to be creative when trying to get the animal to take their medication or when prescribing medications which can usually be made easier when using the resources of the trained compounding pharmacist.  These are challenges we can help you with to make your job as a animal owner a whole lot easier:
1.  MAKING ANIMAL MEDICATIONS FROM HUMAN DRUGS, Animals usually need the same drugs as people do, but in smaller doses.  We can convert a 300 mg human dose into a 5 mg animal dose in many different dosage forms including capsules, flavored suspensions or flavored powders for top dressing.  We have several different flavors to choose from.
2.  BRINGING BACK MEDICATION NO LONGER AVAILABLE, occassionally a medication does not sell enough to make it profitable for the manufacturer to keep it on the market.  Sometimes the government sets  new standarts of safety or efficacy which the manufacturer either cannot meet or cannot afford to do the research to prove the worth of their product.  Sometimes a drug is made obsolete by  newer or better drugs, only to find out that some animals respond better to the old, discontinued drug.  We have the training and resources to make these formulations and drugs.
3.  COMBINING MEDICATIONS INTO ONE LONG-ACTING DOSE, animals, like people often need more than one medication.  Combining more than one drug into a dose makes administraion easier and the animal and client much happier.  We can also make medications last longer in the body so they don't have to be taken as often.
4.  CREATING COST EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVES WHEN MEDICATING THE ANIMAL, making medications from specialized chemicals instead of using commercially available products can save you and you client lots of money. 
Please take a moment to review our Pricing & Printable Order Form and if you are in need of that special item not shown on our form we ask that you contact us directly and allow us customize your animals medications to fit their needs and simplify your life at the same time!
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